Monday, June 16, 2008

More of Courtney's Wedding

BFF - Jacque and Chrissy look like they're enjoying the whole wedding thing. Actually it was fun. We laughed and laughed and had a good time visiting.

Love this picture!!! All the bubbles make the picture look like a fairy tale.

Erika looks thoughtful and pretty. Maybe she's thinking, "hmmm.... what will my wedding be like?"

Morgan and Taylor were happy to pose for all the wedding pictures.

Courtney's wedding and other things

Chrissy looks tired at Courtney's wedding. I guess it was just too much work for her and Taylor rolling up all the muddy carpets. Grampa and Chloe relaxing in the mountains. I'm not sure how to manipulate all the pictures and writing so until I become more skilled you're going to get a bunch of pictures that may or may not be related and that may or may not go with the writing. Courtney and Ryan look beautiful walking together with Courtney's brothers in the background. Jacque and Brad are holding Stockton, Donnie's new baby. Grampa loves having his picture taken with his beautiful granddaughter, Morgan. We had to add the picture of Chrissy and Morgan to offset the other Chrissy picture.

New Mexico Spring in the Jemez

This is New Mexico - Jemez Mountains - in the Spring. The girls found a stream to wade in and Lucy chased bugs and anything that crossed her path.